A Journey of Disruption in the #NewAge of Delivery

The small steps do, in fact, lead to a giant leap

There is no secret formula to sparking disruption, and successful disruption is the outcome of incremental innovations across the entire delivery value chain. Over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to be part of a team aspiring to disrupt the way we deliver IT services of the future. Realizing incremental, yet impactful innovations will lead to this disruption; the concept for our idea came from studying the challenges, expectations and aspirations for each stakeholder involved at each step of the delivery process. An recent article in the Harvard Business Review on the ‘Innovator’s DNA’ discussed the phases of innovation discovery, and in hind-sight, these phases fit perfectly in the way we envisioned, conceptualized, structured and delivered our IT disruption, #NewAgeDELIVERY.

What could we learn from an automobile manufacturing assembly line? Does it even make sense to connect this to IT Service Delivery? We thought it made perfect sense. Building an engine that could build IT solutions in independent containers using micro services methodology was akin to build a digital assembly conveyor for IT delivery. Moreover, the independent assets built could be reused again and again as we move away from reinventing the same wheel with a cloak of ‘innovation’. Association of seemingly two unconnected ideas is an important step to discovering innovative thought, and our team has been instrumental in bringing in the best practices from unrelated industries to transform the way we deliver IT solutions of the future.

The next phase is to question. Always searching for a better way has enabled the team to think ahead and arrest design debt of the future at every step of a solution delivery. We question what we observe, but we also learn from what we observe. Our observations of successful, disruptive companies led us to understand that it is not necessary for one team to do everything, and embracing the power of many would be the way forward. Connecting this to IT delivery, we built an eco-system of expert partners. These partners would pick up micro-jobs of a larger project, and as all the parts, similar to Henry Ford’s assembly line, are stitched together, it is clear that the whole was, truly, greater than sum of its parts.

Associating, questioning, and observing all point towards the last phase of innovation discovery, experimenting. Working in one of the largest IT firms in the country, we started on a arduous, journey of building our team, environment and culture as a start up. Silos were destroyed, hierarchies were flattened, and small teams of start-ups worked together to deliver incremental transformations. Experiments on how right skilling of teams can be automated, methods massive reuse and flight paths can be system recommended, and how we could transform future training practices, contractual agreements, and the overall culture of the organization sparked perspectives of change that finally led to the delivery of our disruption.

The age of #NewAgeDELIVERY is finally here, and it has been an experience of true discovery for me to be part of this amazing team. Today with great pride, our team has been recognized with the innovation award at Tech Mahindra, and this is a true testament to the constant need of our team to search for the better. But the real difference was that we didn’t just search for it, we lived it, breathed it, and finally, built it.

Sabyasachi Mishra

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