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More For Less: The New Motto For The New World

Frugal, simple and friction-less delivery approaches will lead the next generation of technology innovation.

The whole world is in introspection. Examining and realigning priorities across work, life, love, and play has led to a need to aspire for a simple, frugal life for many. With enterprises pushed to follow suit as they cater to the new normal customer, the whole world will start to ask itself, how can we get more for less?

Today, enterprises demand simpler, more resilient, lightweight, and scalable solutions for less effort, time, and money. This is as simple to understand, as it is difficult to deliver. But, it is not impossible. Technology will lead the way in helping us achieve our ‘more for less’ ideology, and it starts at the very foundation of how we build solutions for the future.

Less Friction, More Velocity

The last decade has seen us move towards collaboration and agile methods of delivering technologies through integration of development and operations into a shared journey. With the fast emergence of cloud, DevOps has become more wide spread with a huge potential to grow. But, this still needs people behind the process and leads to friction. The new normal will demand operations be removed completely to significantly reduce the friction between development and infrastructure. Transition to server less solutions and automation of redundant and manual tasks will help us step into an era of NoOps, and this will substantial increase the speed at which we deliver.

Less Debt, More Predictability

As a world, we are trying to reduce waste across each part of our life, and things are not much different in an ITeS environment. There is a focus on reducing waste of time, effort, and money. Design debt and technology re-do’s are one of the biggest proponents of wasted resource. While embracing re-usability of asset lakes, building testing suites into the process and automating redundant tasks helps reduce debt, there is a need for us predict, contain and resolve debt of tomorrow, today. Building delivery conveyors on a foundation of data and using AI/ML to arrest failures of the future will help us achieve the frugal dream we have for all of our digital software factories.

Less Effort, More Collaboration

In this new normal, no resources will be taken for granted, and optimal use of all time, money, and effort will be the mantra. Building strong remote working, cloud environment, transforming processes into easy to use product suites, and openness to use 3rd party tools in a true DevOps methodology will help to reduce overall effort. Working on a developer experience, creating marketplaces curating tools, product suites and reusable libraries will help us to deliver more for less.

If we want to truly get more for less from our technology teams, we need focus on their experience. Ensuring continuous focus on quality, regularly publishing best practices, enabling regimented & automated design thinking & planning processes, and building digital sandboxes for them to experience, explore and envision. This coupled with large scale automation of manual tasks across the delivery conveyor will enable teams to spend more time on innovation and less effort on development. Consumers, today, want more experience for less effort, and as technology leaders if we want our tech teams to deliver this dream, we need to look at developer teams as our own customers. As my new normal brain agrees and renowned designer and futurist Richard Buckminster Fuller says, “To do more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.” 

Abhijit Lahiri

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