Unleashing The #NewAge Impact Through The Power Of Collaboration

Technology progress has been commonplace over the last few decades. Today, we are not astounded by rapid progress in technology and rather, expect it. Whether it is future technological predictions such as nanobots plugging into our brains from the cloud, space tourism, using a plants photosynthesis to generate clean energy, or even, reincarnation people through AI, everyone is trying to gain back this position of who can astonish the world with technology? Who can create technology solutions, which go beyond technology progress entitlement we, as a society, have become used to? Well, the answer is no ONE can. Only the power of MANY can achieve the next technological amazement.

As technology provides us with many tools, platforms and engines to help deliver solutions faster, make life easier and save us time to concentrate on the ‘good’ things, does one have the capacity to process all of these tools and the swift pace at which technology moves? This is where we need to move to an approach of collaboration. The best minds, teams and companies from the world need to be brought together to crowd-source ideas. For this to truly work, the approach of collaboration needs to move away from mere execution to academia as well, as this approach needs to be established at the formation stage of the next generation of associates.

Only the power of MANY can help create the next amazement in technological advancement. The solution can be in modularization in the development of technology solutions. Using specific teams to work on specific modules, and another team to design think and then, stitch all the modules together to create the final outcome. This approach will actually require each member of the team to know less, while the entire collaboration knows much more. This is the true power of collaboration, and only this power can unleash the next leaps in technological progress.

With expert teams working on specific modules, a strong value chain can be created to deliver products and solutions never thought of before. Ones that amaze, astonish and creating jaw dropping outcomes. The best brains in the world can be brought together to work on only what they are best at, not challenging the capacity of our brains, but utilizing the power of our brains. There is one catch though. For this collaboration to truly be successful, a common purpose is integral and every entity of the collaboration must understand their role and contribution towards the end outcome. They need to be inclusive platform engine that can truly promote pure collaboration with a one vision: Create powerful, life changing technological innovation that ONE would never be able to deliver.

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Abhijit Lahiri

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