Revolutionize The Way We Deliver

Catering to the needs of the new age, the ever-demanding customer is one of the biggest challenges for technology service providers, and constantly, the question of how to fill these gaps to deliver a new age experience arises. Our engine will embrace reusable data asset lakes to avoid work duplication, deliver value at scale, and use the time saved towards innovation. To ensure there is an outcome-based delivery each and every time, NAD will gamify productivity and provide plug & play cloud services.


The new age of technology solution delivery will allow for continuous innovation, path-breaking solutions, and enable an IP multiplier to the entire eco-system, including customers, associates, partners. Innovative cost structures, reusable asset lakes, and micro-services enabled portfolio will propel the platform to deliver technology solutions with ‘0’ defect & ‘0’ downtime swiftly, while providing automated governance for the customer to be part of the entire development, delivery, and deployment process.

Engine Leading To Outcomes

Cap Ex Reduction
Cloud Native
Anytime. Anywhere.
Faster Time To Market
Containers & Microservices
Faster Deployment & Code Maintenance
Op Ex Reduction
Open Source
Community, Collaboration & Contribution
Increase in Average Revenue Per Employee**
Smart Planning & Partner Eco System
Full Stack Teams
Time Saving & Enhanced End-Customer Experience
Right Skilling
Reduce Cycle Time & Right First Time
Lower Dev. Costs & New Revenue Channel Opportunities
Massive Reuse
Pre-Tested, Industry-Grade Assets

Six Reasons Why NAD Is Awesome.


Its all in the Cloud

Our smart cloud infrastructure is continuously learning to support the flow, storage, processing, and analysis of data, supported by strong security protocols and built for scale. Smarter infra ensures delivery on demand.


Living in the Fast Lane

CICD enabled containerized microservices architecture cuts across the software delivery conveyor. Real-time integration, pre-built DevOps pipelines, and faster code maintenance allow you to deliver customer delight faster.


Attention to Detail

Our standardization ensures a regimented, step-by-step approach to plan every project, enable teams to meet commitments through automated and alerts for course corrections, powers team planning considering bandwidth, capabilities and costs.


Contextual Bite Size Learning

Leverage industry defined SKUs (Skill Units) to build cross functional, hands-on and right skilled teams equipped with the right assessment frameworks to identify optimal training paths. This ensures zero development downtime and robust quality assurance.


Better By Design

Design thinking enables teams’ to envision the end product even before the first line of code is written. Understanding consumer personas, journeys and anticipating challenges beforehand allow the arrest of design debt at every step.


Reusability leading to exponential savings!

We hate doing the same thing over and over again, and why shouldn’t we? This platforms acts as a knowledge management repository with all assets and artifacts connected at one source to match requirements for reuse.

The Business Edge:

Faster, Better, Cheaper


The time-to-market (TTM) is an integral criteria for any customer in today’s highly competitive market; NAD not only allows a rapid TTM, but also ensure a Right First Time (RFT) delivery. This will allow future solutions to have:


  • Increased Agility
  • Cost Optimization
  • Reduced Time to Market

We know NAD is awesome, but how are we different?

Design Thinking


Enable teams to test the outcome before the first line of code is written through the use of massive reuse, collaboration and automated delivery to arrest design debt at every step.



Use gamification to rank and rate every asset, portfolio, team member and partner to create an environment of healthy competition and significantly disrupt productivity.

Right Skilling


Focussed on AI-powered continuous learning, recommended by the engine to consume bite size, micro-learning and create full stack SCRUM commandos!

Massive Reuse


Enables teams to focus on incremental design and innovation using ready-to-use, pre-tested, industry grade solutions and data asset lakes.

Transforming The Way We Disrupt


An AI-powered IT delivery engine built to use community ranked and rated assets, teams, & flight paths envisioned even before the first line of code is ever written ensuring strong collaboration between associates, partners, academia and the customer and business requirements of the new-age customer.